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Day-Night Photochromic Polarized Glasses
Introducing the NO. 1 Sunglasses in the world!
Perfect for all kinds of active lifestyles: Golf, Fishing, Running, Cycling etc.The SunRay™ Photochromic Polarized Glasses are the only pair you’ll ever need!
  • PHOTOCHROMIC DESIGN – SunRay™ is not just another pair of polarised sports sunglasses, but an essential part of sports equipment. The magical photochromic lenses are based on the intensity of sunlight and ultraviolet lights, darkening the light grey lens. What’s more, these glasses can protect eyes without interfering with your perception of colour. Polarized sunglasses cut glare and haze so your eyes are more comfortable and you can see better.
  • UV400 POLARIZED PROTECTIVE LENSES – The polarized lens is anti-UV.100% UV400 protection coating, blocks 100% harmful UVA & UVB Rays and protect eyes perfectly.SunRay™ Day-Night Photochromic Polarized Glasses are superior to other sunglasses- when moving indoors or outdoors, the lenses adjust to the reduced lighting conditions automatically.and the polarised lenses reduce flare and’s perfect for cycling, running, fishing, driving, mountaineering, skiing or hiking, this sports sunglasses is also your fashion accessories
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & SAFER EXPERIENCE. – One of the most annoying things about the metal sunglasses is that they could get too heavy. Added up with soft silicone nose pads, these glasses are constructed using special design techniques, ensure that you can stay at comfortable and safe at outdoor’s also helpful to protect your eye and reduce eye fatigue. We focus on better and safer user experience, especially driving. It will filter out the dazzling light.
  • TOP-END Sunglasses Technology: SunRay™ Day-Night Photochromic Polarized Glasses are not just another pair of polarised sports sunglasses, but an essential part of sports equipment. SunRay™ top-end sunglasses technology on lens and frame delivers highly durable and flexible solutions for maximum performance even on toughest occasions. It’s perfect sports sun glasses for mens and womens.
  • In Sunny Days: During the daytime , the color of the lens begins to turn into a dark brown color under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays,which reduces the damage to the eyes caused by ultraviolet rays and glare , and makes the eyes in a comfortable environment.
  • Under Strong Light at Night : The night vision lens can make you not afraid of high beam lights at night , see obstacles on the road during driving , and reduce accidents.

The revolutionary new sunglasses with built-in Photochromic  Technology. These unique lenses respond to changing lighting conditions almost instantly! Lenses automatically darken on bright light and lighten on low light. This effect is achieved by the photochromic lenses in our glasses.