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Dumpling Mould with Dumpling Skin Maker


Want to make perfect dumplings just like the pros without spending all day on them?

Meet the Dumpling Skin Maker—the lifehack you’ll need if you love any kind of dumpling! Designed to let you make your homemade dumpling wrappers and then seal them into dumplings with ease, this dumpling mould reduces prep time by half.

Our dumpling maker rolls out the dumpling wrappers evenly and moulds them into flawless little parcels with a tight crimp. It doesn’t just taste better, but is sure to impress all of your guests too!

About Dumpling Moulds

● Roll, fill, and seal the dumplings in just a few seconds with this dumpling maker machine

● Convenient pastry mould for whatever you’re craving—Chinese dumplings, Mexican empanadas, Polish Pierogies, fruit pies and more with ease.

● Made of PP, food safe, non-toxic and durable


Dumpling Skin Maker Size: About 27.5*23cm

Package Included:

1 x Dumpling Skin Maker

1 x Dumpling Moulds