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Flying Butterfly Hairpin

Hair clips ignite wings like butterflies .

It matches their movements and the movement enlivens their beauty .

🦋Your little girl will love it 🦋


  • 🦋Langlebiges material 🦋

Made of high-quality alloys and decorated with colored crystals  Its durability is not easy to break, fade or rust but can be used for a long time  Everyone loved the gift .

  • 🦋General use 🦋

These butterfly clips are great for different styles of her hair, such as smooth hair, curls, ponytails, and braided hair. You can use one or more at the same time, depending on your preference .

  • 🦋Different scenes 🦋

Our beautiful butterfly buns can be worn with different clothes and even for everyday life, weddings, parties and other occasions.  If you are the most persuasive person… 

  • 🦋The perfect gift 🦋

Special gifts for all the ladies, such as mothers, grandmothers, aunts, Cousins, girlfriends and so on


  • Form: butterfly
  • Material: Rhinestone
  • color : pink、 purple,green,rose red,red


  • 1 * Flying butterfly