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Fridge Space Allocator, 4PC

One of the most common problems with refrigerators is the awkward seasoning!
The dripping of the tube and the high seasoning are particularly annoying.

By using space dividers, you can organize bags, test tubes, cheese and other fragile foods and easily take out the items in the refrigerator door pockets.

Main Features

  • Ideal Storage Method: After using it, you can use the flavoring agent as you want, and the flavoring agent will not leak or fall off. Other things that are easy to move or fall can use it to partition neatly. Will not move, will not fall, can be put back in place, very easy to use!
  • Active Everywhere: This is a kitchen Fridge Space Allocator, not only can be used in the refrigerator but also can be used in different places according to the equipment. Just install it on the door cover of the refrigerator to separate it neatly!


  • Materials: PP5
  • Product Weight: Net Weight: 27.7G

                                       Weight with Packaging: 42G

  • Product Size(L x W x H): 


  • Package Content: Mintiml Fridge Space Allocator × 4