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Front Zipper Butt Lifter Tummy Control Body Shaper
  • undefinedFEATURES:
    • Shapes the abdomen, hips, waist and thighs at the same time
    • Chafe-free thigh control
    • High waisted design covering the entire tummy and mid to low back
    • 3D buttock push-up for a wonderfully shaped rear and hips
    • Effective abdomen and waistline compression
    • Shapewear straps fully adjustable, non-slip design
    • Post-surgical shaping recovery
    • Made of comfortable and breathable elastic material
    • Speeds up postpartum recovery


    It hugs your every curve, fits even the tightest of dresses and doesn’t squeeze or bind all day long, so you can go to the bathroom like you always do!


    The targeted double tummy tuck design supports and compresses your waist, accentuating your natural curves and creating an attractive feminine silhouette. It also provides you with enhanced push-ups without sacrificing comfort.


    Perfect for special occasions or any time you want to feel more confident in your favorite dresses, this shapewear gives you the best results you need.


    How To Wear It

    • Your body should be dry with no oils
    • Be careful with nails, jewelry & pointed objects
    • Hold the garment with your fingertips
    1. Make sure all hooks, clasps and zippers are open. From a seated position, take the bodysuit by the sides and put one foot at a time into it. Pull the bodysuit up to your knees.
    2. Stand up, and spread your legs apart and continue to pull the garment up to a comfortable fit.
    3. Put on the straps and adjust them to your comfort. Use a mirror to check that the garment has not rolled up and is in its rightful position.
    4. To close it, hook up the inner hooks from the bottom up and then close the zipper. If open-bust, the shaper should be placed to surround the bra on the bottom.


    • Material: 70% Nylon, 30% Spandex

    Important note: This is not a weight-loss product. A healthy diet or exercise is necessary if your goal is weight loss or gain. This product ONLY helps shape your figure.