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Latte Art Pen

This spice pen is great for creating your own artistic pieces. You can load it with coffee grounds, cocoa powder, ground sugar, spices and so much more.  It is easy to use for children as well as adults. Send a message in a cup of coffee or spruce up your cupcakes. It is perfect for DIYers and will come in handy during this holiday season!

Material: plastic

【EASY To USE】The spice pen is easy to operate, just put the flavoring powder in the pen holder, close the lid, press the small button on the pen, and start coloring.

【COMPATIBLE WITH】The electric coffee pen works with cinnamon, salt, white sugar, and fine coffee grinds;BUT will NOT work with icing sugar or cocoa powder!

【SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE‘】The perfect spice tool for kids, teens and adults to turn their food and coffee into beautiful works of art.

【FUNNY】The latte pen can be use by kids and adults to draw on Coffee or Food.