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The “Magic Pencil” That Help You Contour, Scribe, and Compasses Totally Mess-Free


Do your woodwork with the scribing tool
This Multi-function Scribing Tool is Perfect For:

With the Multi-function Scribing Tool, no matter you want to contour, scribe, compasses, or edge rule, it can be very helpful. This amazing tool won’t regret you! You can change its shape according to your needs, only need to change the tightness of the pencil holder and nut to achieve different shapes to complete the demand.

Versatile Adjustment
Angle & spacing adjustment to ensure accuracy and use conveniently

High-quality Material
High-quality aluminum alloy helps to extend the service life of the tool
Light And Compact
The size of the product is very small, the weight is also very light

Easy To Use

The scale of woodworking linear arc scriber tool is clearly visible

Wide Application

Suitable for tiling and paving, stud walls, gables and paneling, etc

Save Energy, Time & Space

When you use Multi-function Scribing Tool, you will be able to easily and accurately maintain consistent scribe offsets by keeping it parallel to the surface. The scale is clearly visible, easy to measure, with high precision and more professional. It can be used as a depth gauge tool, which is fast, easy to operate and has a balanced feel.

Multi-function Scribing Tool is So Easy to Use


Prepare your door, cupboard or board. Loosen the screw cap, place the pencil in the holder, tighten the screw cap and prepare for use.


With the compass pin as the center, start your contouring, parallel marking, profile scribing, compass, and more project.


Cut your door, cupboard or board according to the lines previously drawn to get the shape you want.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Weight: ‎0.22 lbs
  • Size: ‎1.38 *1.2 *6 inches


  • 1* Multi-function Scribing Tool
  • 1* Deep hole pencil