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Multi-Functional Extra Hard 115 in 1 Screwdriver Set

A multifunctional small screwdriver set made for repairing, several sizes, high quality steel, durable and worthy of you! Can be used for household appliances, car repairs, repairing laptops, smartphones, watches and other electronic devices, etc.


  • Unique design: chrome vanadium steel bit, non-slip handle, complete specifications, durable and anti-wear, easy to carry, disassembly and assembly, precision forging, fine workmanship. With different kinds of screwdriver bits to meet all your needs. Non-toxic, hard, durable and precise.
  • More convenient to use: the screwdriver handle has a strong built-in magnet, magnetic adsorption of the batch head, more convenient operation. Adaptor for hand drill, the adaptor plugs into the hand drill and the head is inserted into the phi head for use.
  • Storage design: a set of double-sided screwdrivers, the toolbox is specially designed with a parts storage box, the classification compartment can help you better organize and organize. Good organisation, consistent placement and size of accessories, parts do not easily fall out. High space utilisation, easy to carry, easy to reach and store.
  • Wide range of use: this adjustable screwdriver set can be used for both personal and professional purposes, including repairing telephones, TVs, computers, laptops, watches, air conditioners, glasses, cameras, printers, household appliances and other electronics.


  • Material: Chrome vanadium alloy steel
  • Series: Black grey, grey-red, yellow, blue


  • 98 types of screwdriver bits
  • 1 handle
  • 1 extension rod
  • 1 flexible extension shaft
  • 1 hexagonal sleeve
  • 1 anti-static tweezers
  • 3 plastic pry crowbars
  • 6 triangle pry tools
  • 1 SIM card pin
  • 1 magnetizer/demagnetizer
  • 1 suction cup