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Plum Blossom Positioning Gauge

The Perfect Multipurpose Positioning Gauge For 3 Different Sewing Types!

– 3 in-one precision tool for sewing straight, big curve & small curve

– Wide variety of edge-stitching or top-stitching applications

– Straight & curve edge guide stitching, with a small curve guide for sharp curves

– Works on all types of sewing machine

– Easy Installation

Practical and Versatile

Are you looking for an easy way to add a precise seam to your sewing projects? Look no further than the Plum Blossom Positioning Gauge! This versatile tool can be used for a wide variety of edge or top seam applications and is perfect for both straight and curved seams. With its 3-corner design, it’s easy to get precise, professional-looking results every time.

Easy to Use and Accurate

The Plum Blossom Positioning Gauge is an easy-to-use and accurate sewing machine positioner. Use this tool to help you determine the exact size of fabric that you need for sewing projects. The Plum Blossom Positioning Gauge can help you to sew precise seams without ripping or stretching your fabric due to improper needle size.

Fits All Lockstitch Sewing Machines

The Plum Blossom Positioning Gauge is the perfect accessory for your sewing machine. It is suitable for all lockstitch sewing machine needles that can meet basic sewing machine needs. The accessories are complete, practical materials, and can meet all sewing needs. Suitable for all types of sewing, suitable for zippers, buttons, beads, and other special crafts.