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Rose Teddy Bear
The Perfect Gift of 2023
Don’t make the mistake of sending basic flowers. Surprise them with the best of both worlds with a gorgeous teddy bear handmade of roses that last forever ❤️
Express Your Love In An Everlasting Way

Treat someone to this Rose Teddy that is just as timeless as your love. Just imagine seeing the look of joy and love on your special someone’s face when you gift them this beautiful Rose Teddy.

The Perfect Cuddle Buddy
The Rose Teddy™ will not only look amazing but feel amazing as well! Their acrylic material makes each and every hand-crafted rose beautiful and soft simultaneously, making them the perfect colorful rose bear gift for love, comfort, and affection towards that special someone!
Forever-Rose Design
The rose petals on the Rose Teddy are actually so well made that they won’t shed off or wilt with time. It will stay as beautiful for years to come, lasting forever like your affection for your loved ones!