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SolderStick Waterproof Solder Wire Connector Kit

No more loose and unsafe connections! Solderstick eliminates the hassle and allows you to focus on rewiring done the right way: Fast and Convenient

Connect and Seal your Wires without crimping or soldering!

✅IP67 Waterproof

✅Fuss free and Safe connection in seconds!

✅Variety of sizes for your boat, automobiles or any DIY electrical projects.

✅Comply with all Relevant Standards: ROHS, ISO 9001:2008, SGS and CE standards

Done in 3 Easy steps
Step 1 : Prepare the cables

Strip wire insulation 1/3 inch on both wire ends.
Choose the right connector size for your wires

Step 2 : Position Wire into Connector

Step 3 : Apply Heat

Use a heat gun or simply a lighter to melt and shrink the connector tubing.
Allow the terminal to cool down.

Your waterproof and secured connection is now complete



Color-coded tubing makes it easy to identify the right size connector for every application. Measure your wire, and easily choose the right connector by looking at the wire size chart on the box.




✅Home DIY wirings

✅Audio Systems

✅Electrical Projects

Material: tin+PE,
Yellow: 40*6mm
Blue: 40*4.5mm,
White: 26*1.7mm;

50 boxes (white 10 red 23 blue 12 yellow 5 )
250 boxes (white 25 red 35 blue 30 yellow 10 black 150pcs)
100 boxes (red 20 blue 20 white 5 yellow 5 black 50pcs)
500 boxes (white 40 red 50 blue 50 yellow 20 black 375pcs)

I’m doing a lot of DIY projects for my car, bike, and some home applications. Since I saw this a while ago on a project online I wanted to give a try. These are wonderful connectors with 4 different colors which will be enough for most of the projects you are doing.