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Suction Cup Shower Head Holder

Shower Heads are generally designed to be installed on the high branch of the wall, but sometimes you need it to be the showerhead in nearly ground. You may need to wash your feet, your pet. In these cases, you may have difficulty holding the showerhead. Never struggle again to hold your shower head in place while you clean! We have a solution so that you do not experience this problem; Suction Cup Shower Head Holder! This is what you need. 

The shower holder is durable, safe, and environmental protection can be adjusted to various showerheads. It is easy to operate.

Double large suction cups, one pull, and one buckle, You can choose the water jet position freely and don’t need any tool.

Arbitrary height adjustment, when you wash your hair and feet, the height is different; you can solve these troubles, adjust the height casually, and make you feel more comfortable. 

The shower bracket is light in weight, but it can withstand a weight of 35 pounds with its strong bearing capacity. 

Strong suction, suitable for various environments.  

Excellent material, durable. 

Convenient for hanging at different heights in a wall. 


Material: TPR

Color: White


Package Includes: 1 x Shower Head Holder