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Water Bottle with Pillbox


Worry no more. You don’t have to worry about forgetting time and dosage.

This round bottle is combined with the 7-day pill organizer, and the easy-to-use lid can also be used as a cup, which will no longer consume your vitamins or medicines.

Each of us needs water to take our daily vitamins or pills.

Combine your daily pill box storage box with a water bottle and pack everything in one cool and convenient product.

Whether you are on vacation, work or outdoors, no matter what happens, no matter where you are, this water bottle with pill organizer can save you medicines and vitamins.

It is easy to put the pill manager on the slide for 7 days a day, the organizer can hold 3 large pills in each compartment, so you can remind you to take these pills every day.

Never look for water to swallow pills. This pill bottle is very convenient for work or on the bedside table.

The size is moderate and easy to fit in the backpack pocket, you no longer need to take care of yourself, it’s easier than ever.


There are 7 pill boxes on the bottle which can carry some pills if necessary.

Good for hiking or outdoor camping and so on.

Spray perfect combination with drink. Resistant to slam cup body is food grade polycarbonate.


Material: PP+PC (BPA FREE)

Gross Weight(about) : 150g

Capacity: 600ml

Size(about): 8cm x23.5m

Package Included:

1 x Water Bottle with Pillbox