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Wool Polishing Wheel Disc

Perfect For Polishing, Buffing & Waxing

The wool fiber is soft and flexible, which can absorb the dust and dirt on the surface of the object, and can be used to remove rust, oxidation, and other stains. Our Wool Polishing Wheel Discs™ are also suitable for polishing and waxing various surfaces. Years of research made us create these light, elastic, and wear-resistant polishing wheels. Durable and stable, when application completed, no rotating pattern left. High resiliencehigh strength, and thickened design ensure long service life.

Durable & Wide Usage

Easy to install and use. Our Wool Polishing Wheel Discs™ are suitable for 100-type angle grinders and can be used with a variety of polishing and waxing agents. They have wide application: suitable for stainless steel polishing, copper, iron, aluminum, and other metal products, marble stone, ceramic glass, furniture polishes, car wax, jade polishing, and more.


Material: Wool
Weight: 50g